Benefits of Oils

"Health is like MONEY, we never have a true idea of its value until we LOSE IT."

Ground Nut Oil (मूंगफली का तेल)

Ground Nut Oil, as the name implies, is a type of vegetable oil commonly used in cooking that is derived from ground nuts, which are legumes. Ground nut oil comes in a number of varieties, including refined, unrefined, roasted and cold-pressed, which have slight differences in their nutritional value and health benefits. Generally, people use ground nut oil in their cooking for the interesting flavor that it can give to the food, particularly if you use the roasted variety, as well as the fact that it is healthier than many other types of oil.

Most of the health benefits of ground nut oil come from its diverse types of fatty acids, such as oleic acid, stearic acid, palmitic acid, and linoleic acid, among others. While unbalanced levels of fatty acids can be dangerous for your health, peanut oil has a very safe balance that can boost your health in a variety of ways, in addition to the health benefits from the other vitamins, minerals, and organic compounds found in ground nuts.

Unlike many other vegetable oils, peanut oil is actually free of any cholesterol, which is one of the major contributing factors to complicated heart conditions such as atherosclerosis, which is basically clogging of the arteries. Since cooking oil is used in many different ways, eliminating this dangerous cholesterol from your body can help prevent a variety of health complications.

Skin Benefits

1) Contains The Most Essential Vitamin For Human Body. 2) Protects It From The Effects Of Free Radicals. 3) Prevents Wrinkles. 4) Prevents Premature Aging. 5) Helps Skin Look Younger And Healthier.

Hair Benefits

1) Helps In Healthy Growth Of Hair. 2) Highly Effective In Reducing Protein Loss. 3) Best For Hair Care.

Healt Benefits

1) It Is A Cholestrol Free Oil, i.e. Good For Heart. 2) Reduces The Chances Of Heart Attacks And Strokes. 3) It Decreases Your Chances Of Developing Cancer. 4) Helps To Stabilise Blood Pressure.

Although the types of fatty acids in ground nut oil are generally beneficial, they are only healthy in moderate amounts. Remember, they are still technically fats, and therefore are high in calories. Don’t go overboard when cooking with ground nut oil, as it can lead to weight gain. Obesity has a whole range of associated health risks, so be careful and enjoy your meals responsibly!