Benefits of Oils

"Health is like MONEY, we never have a true idea of its value until we LOSE IT."

Walnut Oil (अखरोट का तेल)

Walnut Oil is made from nuts that are dried and then cold-pressed. Good quality walnut oil is topaz in colour with a rich nutty taste. Walnut oil has a limited shelf life, about 6-12 months. Once opened, all nut oils should be kept in a cool place out of the light or refrigerated to prevent them from becoming rancid. Several medical studies have conducted research that indicates that walnut oil offers a rich source for antioxidants, specifically ellagic acid.

This antioxidant has been found to detoxify several substances linked to the development of certain cancers. In addition, ellagic acid also helps to obstruct these cancer cells from replicating themselves. Walnut oil is also rich in manganese and copper, as well as melatonin, a hormone that aids in regulation of the body’s internal clock. Listed below are seven great health benefits of walnut oil:-

1. Improves blood circulation 2. Lowers heart disease risk 3. Cuts inflammation 4. Maintains hormone levels 5. Improves skin 6. Prevents eczema 7. Anti-ageing

Skin Benefits

Reduces the signs of ageing, predominantly wrinkles. Apply it on wrinkle prone skin and massage the skin in various circular motions. It is actually very good for eye wrinkles where the skin is very thin and easily prone to fine lines and wrinkles. Protects the skin from free radical damage. Relieves fungal infections of skin.

Hair Benefits

Walnut oil can be applied directly to hair to make it smooth and glossy. However, one can get greater health benefits by taking walnut oil in diet. Why? Well, that’s because walnut oil is also very high in omega – 6 fatty acids (linoleic acid). Omega – 6 acts as a factor in hair growth. A deficiency of omega-6 may lead to stunted hair growth.

Health Benefits

Walnut oil helps in fatty liver condition. Walnut oil stops the accumulation of lipids (fats) in liver cells, thus relieving fatty liver condition. However, people with serious liver disease, like hepatitis should avoid taking oils internally as a general rule. When the liver is weak, it has difficulty processing the nutrients from food.