Benefits of Cold Pressed OYELS ?

In ancient times, a long cylindrical contraption called a “ghani” was used. The oilseeds were placed and ground with a pestle until the oil was released. It's the simplest method for “cold-pressing” the oil out of a seed.It doesn’t involve the generation or addition of heat. Today cold-pressed methods of extraction are the same as the expeller-pressed method, albeit in a temperature-controlled setting.

Oyels - Nurture Your Life !

So why must we include organic cold pressed oils in our cooking?

1) They retain healthy anti-oxidants that are otherwise destroyed by heat. These anti-oxidants fight harmful free radicals and prevent the growth of tumors.
2) Cold pressed olive oil is rich in Vitamin E, which has anti-inflammatory, healing properties. It is a good source of oleic acid which strengthens the immune system.
3) Cold pressed coconut oil, despite its bad reputation, contains lauric acid, which fights against harmful pathogens. This compound is also found in human breast milk. According to this article, “Coconut oil contains a lot of medium chain triglycerides, which are metabolized differently and can have therapeutic effects on several brain disorders.”

Cold-pressing eliminates all the harmful effects that arise from the conventional methods of oil extraction. The only problem with cold pressed oils is their short shelf-life.

However, an organic producer of cold pressed oils said that if stored in clay utensils, chekku oil lasts for almost a year. Chekku oil is traditionally supplemented with palm sugar or jaggery, which heightens its flavor and also its nutritional value. To be cautious, always buy cold pressed oil in small quantities, store it away from light, in air-tight containers.